Design a security program
that protects your data, reduces risk, and demonstrates compliance.


The cybersecurity sector is beset with a shortage of competent workers, making it challenging for businesses to find qualified cybersecurity experts and CISOs. This issue compounds in start-ups and small to medium enterprises that often lack the financial resources necessary to hire and keep the appropriate people.


Biggest challenges organizations face with Cybersecurity:
  • A lack of dedicated resource for all security challenges:

    Information Security encompasses a lot of what we do in IT. A dedicated resource to track the program’s progress is becoming a necessity. A go-to security professional for all security challenges makes your life a lot easier throughout the year.

  • Customers require security expertise from vendors

    A single point of contact for all security and risk questions helps free up time for other team members. It also places a seasoned security professional at the helm to help meet customer expectations and alleviate concerns.

  • Compliance and risk challenges are increasing

    A large adoption of GDPR and privacy regulations is starting to hit the enterprise at a rate that has never been seen. A security professional that understands the compliance challenges is an asset to have on your team.

  • Data breaches are still on the rise

    Not only is it important for you to have an expert that can prioritize risk remediation at the organization, but it is just as important that you have someone that can fix the problems that arise.



Develop an information security strategy. Drive business and cyber risk strategy alignment, innovate, and instigate transitional change to manage risk through valued investments.


Integrate with the business to educate, advise, and influence activities with cyber risk implications. Creating and instilling a cyber-aware culture

Security Guardian

Achieving compliance with the latest security standards. Protect business assets by under-standing the threat landscape and managing the effectiveness of the cyber risk program.


Procuring new security products and services. Assess and implement security technologies and standards to build organizational capabilities.
Responding to and remediating incidents.

Chief Information Security Officer


Experienced security consultants at a fraction of the cost!

To access our vCISO service, subscribe for a monthly or annual subscription to our vCISO team. More cost-effective than employing your full-time employees or engaging the BIG 5 consulting firms.

Professional advice on prioritizing technology investments

We want to help you save money, so we strive to provide intelligent and practical counsel that can frequently help clients cut back on overall IT expenditures.

Increased engagement with your Board, Senior Executives & Management

Cyber-resilience begins at the top. We use business terminology to engage all executives. Our vCISO specialists are experts in interacting and presenting before various senior executives, board members, and non-technical senior staff.

Receive independent advice

Obtain impartial advice and guidance on creating your company's cyber security plan.

Validate security effectiveness

Assist in evaluating and improving security controls and procedures.

Achieve compliance

Learn how to comply with the most stringent security standards and why this is important for your company.

Enhance risk awareness

Create a security awareness campaign to inform employees about the significance of security and how threats are changing.

Reduce overheads

Save money by only hiring a senior security expert when necessary.

Prioritize future investments

Develop a more thorough understanding of your security vulnerabilities to ensure that future expenditures deliver the greatest return.

Strategic Counsel

We offer you strategic guidance on setting objectives and building vital security programs tailored to your company's unique requirements.

On-demand strategy and services

For organizations that need quick, on-demand, or long-term security strategy services and support, we're here to help.

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