Application Security

Achieve more-secure applications, compliant environments, and safer systems development with streamlined and repeatable processes.

Whatever your Application Security challenges – we can help you solve them

Addressing the challenges of Application Security

Help your Employees, Partners, and Customer Trust You by achieving more-secure applications, compliant environments, and safer systems development

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Expert Review

Code Review Services

Finding vulnerabilities in your code should be the utmost priority in creating any secure application, and then comes the remediation part, which requires experienced, knowledgeable, and specialized developers.

AccessQuint provides you with access to Application Security Consultants, all former developers who have been in your shoes and have experience developing applications and working through challenging remediations. Our team can conduct detailed code reviews of applications created in today's most popular programming languages to identify weaknesses in the code, its logic, and implementation, or its use of vulnerable third-party libraries.



Static Application Security Testing

Our analysts give you continuous access to security testing experts' teams with the skills and tools to analyze your codebase. Use the Managed Services Portal to upload your code, schedule your tests, and review your results. Our analysts share the reports with you and help pinpoint, prioritize, and remediate vulnerabilities and other defects in your source code.

Mobile Application Security Testing

Discover security vulnerabilities in Android and IOS applications and corresponding back-end components. Combining traditional static and dynamic testing techniques, we can identify weaknesses with the application, how the data is stored, bundled or third-party APIs, and the mobile platform itself.

Our services enable your organization to test any web or mobile application or external network, at any depth, any number of times with transparency, flexibility, and quality at a predictable and affordable and provides the data required to remediate risks efficiently and effectively.

Managed Network Security Testing

We can identify critical security vulnerabilities in your systems and external network through automated scanning with manual triaging with our managed network security testing.

accessquint software development

Build secure, high-quality software faster

Software Development

  • Secure software development
    Installs and configure in the software development lifecycle based on our strong application security baseline
  • Container Security Services
    Assist you in Assessment, design, implementation, and managed services for container security
  • App security threat modeling
    Enables a threat-driven secure software development approach to strengthen the security architecture and posture
  • App penetration testing
    Penetration testing allows and Identifies code-level vulnerabilities, run-time security defects, and app logic flaws.



Consulting Services

We help your team successfully protect your company within your budget.


Application Security Services

Achieve more-secure applications, compliant environments, and safer systems development with streamlined and repeatable processes.


Data Security Services

Protectyour critical data across multiple environments, meet privacy regulations and simplify operational complexity.


Cloud Security Testing Services

Identify cloud vulnerabilities that tools alone cannot find.


Security Risk Services

Secure your operations and respond to threats with accuracy and speed.


Cloud Security Monitoring Services

Real-time threat detection across your cloud deployments.


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