Cloud Security Testing

Identify cloud vulnerabilities that tools alone cannot find.

An easier way to manage your Cloud Security challenges

Cloud Security Testing Services

We test our clients’ defenses, identify vulnerabilities & provide remediation direction. Understand threats, accelerate responses, and see across your cloud environment while enabling your teams to focus on higher-priority issues.

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Identify vulnerabilities where tools alone cannot find

why Cloud Security Testing

The cloud attack surface is much broader than traditional on-premises environments. Typically attackers focus to the people who have the most significant level of access — the developers who built the applications. If just one developer clicks a malicious link or publicly divulges too much information, an attacker can steal their credentials and access the entire cloud environment.Another most common vulnerabilities exposing cloud environments are misconfigurations, overly permissive access rights, and unpatched servers.

AccessQuint cloud testing uncovers and helps fix critical vulnerabilities exposing organizations' most vital cloud-based assets. We can find known and unknown security flaws during cloud migrations and beyond.

Build secure, high-quality software faster

AccessQuint cloud testing services provide

Application testing

  • Perform a simulated attack on your applications to determine the available attack vectors, risks, and results of a successful breach.
  • Perform both Manual and tool-based testing, including source code assessments, to uncover vulnerabilities exposing cloud applications.

Network testing

  • Perform a simulated attack on your network, verify if critical systems exploitable and sensitive data accessed.
  • For server-centric environments, identifies exposed cloud services, servers, misconfigurations, and infrastructure.

Attacker reconnaissance

  • Perform a simulated attack that quantifies your security effectiveness and ensures that your controls are working as expected.
  • Researching potential attacker targets (that is, developers) to find publicly available information and show information used in an attack.
accessquint network testing
accessquint cloud testing benefits

Build secure, high-quality software faster

Our cloud testing services help

  • Identifying critical vulnerabilities exposing cloud-based assets
  • Identifying misconfigurations, rogue containers, overly permissive access rights, unpatched servers, and more
  • Uncover employee mistakes that might elevate the risk
  • Uncovers publicly available information posted by developers that attackers can leverage to compromise the cloud environment.
  • Advices programmatic changes to strengthen security across the cloud environment
  • Provides actionable remediation recommendations that help reduce the most risk.

Why AccessQuint cloud testing services?

Comprehensive testing

  • We test all configurations, processes, applications, networks, servers, databases, and controls — the entire cloud environment.
  • Our experienced programmers find common and exploitable vulnerabilities by understanding the applications deployed in your environment
  • With extensive experience testing cloud environments, we know how to align remediation actions with business objectives.
accessquint comprehensive testing


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Cloud Security Testing Services

Identify cloud vulnerabilities that tools alone cannot find.


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