Cybersecurity Consulting Services

Secure your operations and respond to threats with accuracy and speed.

We help ensure full compliance with HIPPA, PCI DSS, and Sarbanes Oxley

Better manage your risks, compliance and governance by teaming with our services experts

Organizations of all sizes face an ever-growing landscape of security threats that are becoming more targeted and malicious. Attacks no longer launched en masse with the hope of snaring random victims. Instead, they are focused and sophisticated, designed to defeat tactical, reactive security technologies in place at an organization. No matter where the attack occurs, whether an attack targets a network, an endpoint device, an application, or a database, organizations should have visibility into how their entire systems and how they are being used and by whom to effectively reduce the risk to the organization

Our analysts assist you in assessing and quantifying the IT security risks you face within your environments.


Discover, identify, and protect and monitor your critical data

Reduce IT security risk

We work with your team to develop and implement security strategies and roadmaps to reduce the risks assessed.

  • We provide proactive insight and reporting the ongoing status of the assessed risks.
  • Managed security awareness
  • Governance risk and compliance-as-a-service programs
  • Cloud security posture management

Locate, identify, and protect your most valued data

Security Risk Solutions

Our Security risk solutions reduce uncertainty to enable better decisions, mitigate risks, and maximize profits in the journey toward achieving high performance.

  • Cyber Threat Intelligence Services
  • Security Risk Management
  • Security Policy & Procedure Development
  • Data protection & retention strategy
  • Incident response program
  • Business continuity strategy
  • HR processes
  • Change management processes
  • Compliance requirements

Our experts compile a complete picture of your present attack status, determining weak-spots that are exploitable and revealing evidence of present, past, and planned attacks.


Assess IT security risk

Security framework and risk assessment Services

  • Monitoring for threats and vulnerabilities by managing servers, network, and endpoints
  • Reduces threat exposures and data loss by Identification and prioritization of security risks
  • Business-critical applications protected proactively from both internal and external threats
  • Foundation for a better understanding of threats, their sources, and effective responses
  • Collection and distillation of vast amounts of security data for alerts, as well as forensic analysis

Locate, identify, and protect your most valued data

PCI compliance advisory services:

Our Security risk solutions reduce uncertainty to enable better decisions, mitigate risks, and maximize profits in the journey toward achieving high performance.

  • Holistic PCI program with services including assessment, reporting, and remediation
  • Streamline and align PCI DSS requirements with other compliance programs
  • Provide compliance reporting services with valuable insight through feature-rich readiness reports
  • Support ongoing compliance management with Internal controls using a pragmatic and risk-based approach.
  • Identify, document, and validate card data flows within the organization and third-party exchanges.
  • Provide PCI DSS guidance for any new technology deployments throughout the year.


Assess IT security risk

Threat Management and Defence

AccessQuint Threat Management and Defense deliver a unique combination of leading technologies and services that support implementing an Adaptive Security Strategy, aiding your organization to prevent majority attacks. Simultaneously, detect unique new threats rapidly, respond to live incidents, and predict future risks.

  • PREVENT the threats
  • DETECT the breaches before the damage
  • RESPOND to incidents
  • PREDICT future cyber threats

The experience is paramount when operating and maintaining a network or system. Our experienced consultants help maintain and manage security systems, including SIEM, DLP, Firewall, IDS/IPS, incident management, and incident response.



Consulting Services

We help your team successfully protect your company within your budget.


Application Security Services

Achieve more-secure applications, compliant environments, and safer systems development with streamlined and repeatable processes.


Data Security Services

Protectyour critical data across multiple environments, meet privacy regulations and simplify operational complexity.


Cloud Security Testing Services

Identify cloud vulnerabilities that tools alone cannot find.


Security Risk Services

Secure your operations and respond to threats with accuracy and speed.


Cloud Security Monitoring Services

Real-time threat detection across your cloud deployments.


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