The Importance of Cloud Security Today: Why Universal Access is Growing Companies

When we hear “cloud” as it relates to business data and information, it can be hard for us to wrap our minds around this invisible floating server that contains all information central to the company. By using the cloud, employees from around the world can access certain elements immediately without needing a fax or email. It’s a brilliant way to back-up an entire company in just seconds, which also opens it up to dangerous hacking that could expose and ruin the entity forever.

Nevertheless, cybersecurity and cloud security services are in place to help prevent this kind of exposure. Although cyber attackers will continue to try, it’s hard to make a case for removing the cloud.

Universality is key in this growing global world. Here are just a few reasons why the cloud isn’t going anywhere:

1 Cost Reduction: If you’re someone who specializes in cloud security services, you know how cost effective a cloud can be for a company. Running a data center is costly and time consuming, requiring the proper infrastructure and equipment investments that can be millions of dollars. When you switch to the cloud, you remove all requirements for such technology, instead focusing on the management of your new invisible server.

2 Global Mobility: As the world grows increasingly digital, more and more teams are spreading their employees throughout the world or enabling them to work from home. Instead of paying for the costs to move them, transport them, and accommodate them on a daily basis, they can be left to their own devices with a cloud. Accessing data anytime, anywhere, with proper access tiers that can be set forth by cloud security specialists, the cloud goes hand-in-hand with the gig economy.

3 Scalability: Every business plans for expansion and growth in the future. The whole point of opening a business is hoping that it’ll scale to success one day. The cloud is able to grow and wane with anyone as requested, with an infinite amount of storage capability. Therefore, if a company experiences significant growth overnight, no one needs to run out and buy a server – the cloud is already waiting for you and ready to support the mission.

4 Security: Did you know that storing your data in the cloud is actually safer than backing it up to individual servers located in data centers? When these centers are compromised, everything you own inside is exposed. However, with the cloud, you can delete confidential information from any location, as well as move the data into different accounts with just one click. The data is not centrally locked into place for hacking.

As a cloud security employee, you know how important the cloud is for company success today. If you’re looking to position yourself more favorably with future positions, be sure to highlight these 4 points when discussing the future of your profession.

Veera Sandiparthi

Written By Veera Sandiparthi Mr. Veera Sandiparthi is a seasonal entrepreneur who brings 18 years of experience with technology solutions and delivering secure integrated enterprise solutions across various industries, including financial, healthcare, technology, and federal. Mr. Veera serves as the President and CEO of AccessQuint LLC. Over the past 2 years became an expert in developing strategic Cybersecurity solutions for both global and domestic clients. By strategically leveraging AccessQuint LLC's expert security resources and best practices, along with his own extensive knowledge of industry challenges and organizational needs, he helps his clients maintain the highest levels of quality while increasing efficiency and streamlining the cost.

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