Month: January 2021

Cybersecurity Tips for Keeping You and Your Employees Protected Today

Companies are under attack today. Cybercrime, as of last year, cost the globe [$600 billion]( dollars in management. The speed at which digitization and expansive technology continues to integrate into our lives can be so overwhelming, that even company owners don’t know how to stay protected with new avenues. With everything from banking apps open on your phone, to sensitive information collected through social media, to cloud security measures, there are open-ended portals hackers are just waiting to use.

The Importance of Cloud Security Today: Why Universal Access is Growing Companies

When we hear “cloud” as it relates to business data and information, it can be hard for us to wrap our minds around this invisible floating server that contains all information central to the company. By using the cloud, employees from around the world can access certain elements immediately without needing a fax or email. It’s a brilliant way to back-up an entire company in just seconds, which also opens it up to dangerous hacking that could expose and ruin the entity forever.