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Phishing Attacks

Fixing Your Weakest Link: Your Employees

You can have every piece of security hardware in the books: firewall, backup disaster recovery device, and even anti-virus. However, your employees will still be the biggest vulnerability in your organization when it comes to phishing attacks. How do you mitigate as much risk as possible? Create and Strictly Enforce a Password Policy: Passwords should be …

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The Scary Home Network and how to protect your remote staff

We now operate in a “work from anywhere” economy. While this provides businesses with new possibilities, it also exposes them to risks if their employees, devices, and systems are not kept safe in the cloud-first way we do business today. With many employees working from home, we need to look at what’s happening in that …

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What Is Phishing & How Are Hackers Using It?

While the number of people falling for sending personal information to the crown prince of Nigeria in hopes of receiving his promised wealth and riches seems to be dropping. Phishing remains a major issue. In fact, the number of phishing campaigns pursued by hackers around the world increased 65% in the past year. What exactly is …

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Cyber Security Insurance

Prequalification to Cyber Insurance

In our modern world of constantly evolving and varied cyber threats. Many organizations consider cyber insurance to help them get back on their feet should they fall victim to a cyber event. In addition, managing incidents like data breaches and ransomware attacks often require specialist knowledge as well as funds. For these reasons, many business …

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Are Cyber Security and Internet Safety the Same?

Cyber security has become a fact of life: modern society is dependent on technology. Almost everyone relies on technology: whether it’s the TV, the Internet, a laptop or a phone, there’s no denying how much life has changed over the last two decades. This means, therefore, that both individuals and businesses need to be hot …

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The Top Cybersecurity Skills Provided by Vetted, Quality Information Security Talent

As a business owner, you might be aware of cybercrime and its relevance today. Reading all of the news headlines and company takedowns that faltered as a result of information breaches, it has become common knowledge to defend against the growing threat of cyber attacks. As an ever-expanding and developing industry, protecting against these veteran hackers can be difficult and near impossible for individuals lacking in the right skillsets and experience.