Cybersecurity Tips for Keeping You and Your Employees Protected Today

Companies are under attack today. Cybercrime, as of last year, cost the globe [$600 billion]( dollars in management. The speed at which digitization and expansive technology continues to integrate into our lives can be so overwhelming, that even company owners don’t know how to stay protected with new avenues. With everything from banking apps open on your phone, to sensitive information collected through social media, to cloud security measures, there are open-ended portals hackers are just waiting to use.

That’s why it’s so important to remain vigilant. You can provide your employees with some easy tips today to help you and their personal information stay protected throughout the day:

1 Strong Passwords: Hackers have auto-generated password hacking technology today that can run through thousands of combinations in a single day. That means that 8 characters of just letters is not enough. You need capitals, symbols, numbers, and if possible, a longer than 8-character password. The more complicated, the better.

2 Device Locks: Phones, laptops, and tablets all come with a locking feature today. Ensure that all of your devices go into auto-lock if you step away from them for the time being. Sometimes, the cybercrime hackers are located right where we work.

3 Look for Phishing Links: This year, a Gmail virus was able to spread like wildfire through millions of emails when a pretty realistic email popped up with a link. Before you click on any link, search the base part of the URL in your browser. If anything seems suspicious at all, do not click on the link. It’s becoming more common for phishers to attack this way.

4 Sensitive Browsing: If you are going to view important information like addresses and bank account information, do it on your own device on a network you trust. Using some café’s WiFi could expose your information to hackers within the network.

5 Less is More: If possible, try and minimize the amount of sensitive information you are spreading around the Internet and plugging into websites. There’s no need to list sensitive emails and contact information on social media or in your email account. Additionally, practice safe measures when opening up bank accounts.

6 Be Proactive: Whether you’re at work opening company files or at home in your email, be proactive. Check your accounts regularly and look for any suspicious requests. Change emails monthly and understand that you are, and will always be, a cyber target.

As always, if you run a company and are looking for proper cybersecurity personnel to educate your staff and keep your information protected, consider our staffing resources. Cybersecurity is arguably the most important protective service you can invest in today, protecting your company, identify, revenue, and future success. That starts with employees who are aware, educated, and proactive.

Get your hands on the right cybersecurity talent for your organization.

Veera Sandiparthi

Written By Veera Sandiparthi Mr. Veera Sandiparthi is a seasonal entrepreneur who brings 18 years of experience with technology solutions and delivering secure integrated enterprise solutions across various industries, including financial, healthcare, technology, and federal. Mr. Veera serves as the President and CEO of AccessQuint LLC. Over the past 2 years became an expert in developing strategic Cybersecurity solutions for both global and domestic clients. By strategically leveraging AccessQuint LLC's expert security resources and best practices, along with his own extensive knowledge of industry challenges and organizational needs, he helps his clients maintain the highest levels of quality while increasing efficiency and streamlining the cost.

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