The Top 5 Reasons Your Company Needs a Comprehensive Cybersecurity Strategy

As cybercrime continues to grow in prevalence and costliness, more and more companies are turning their attention to cybersecurity, the very act of identifying and preventing cyber attacks before they occur. With over 3.2 billion Internet users at large, although a small percentage make up cyber attackers, it is still a few million people in the world working every single day to develop tricks, tools, and software that will hack companies and potentially expose critical information.

As a successful company in business today, you need to invest in a cybersecurity strategy that is proactive and protective of your assets. That starts with the right cybersecurity and information security specialists.

Here are a few reasons you need a protective information security strategy in place today:

1 Attacks Are Increasing: Unfortunately, cybercrime is only growing in popularity. In various available studies, it was found that cyber attacks are growing anywhere from 50-80% per year, starting in 2014. It doesn’t look like the issue of cybercrime is going to disappear anytime soon, especially with the major of consumers using smartphones and other digital devices today.

2 Business Digitization: We can guess that a growing portion of your business is being waged through the Internet today. Whether it’s backing up your information to the cloud, or sourcing customers through online advertisements and social media marketing, more of your company is plugged into Internet technology than ever before. As the nature of consumerism, communication, and information exchanges become more digital, so will the composition of your company.

3 Consumer Trust: Every company is built atop consumer trust. If customers trust you, they are going to recommend you to their friends and family. That’s how business begins. As a B2B, the same thing holds true, as no businesses want to do business with untrustworthy entities. Today, that trust is equated to data and personal protection. If these partners feel their data might be compromised, your company is going to go down in flames.

4 Cross-Department Demands: At the onset of cybersecurity, companies thought that simple IT personnel could handle it. If that’s your approach, it needs revising and new talent stat. It’s an issue for the boardroom, engineers, and managers as well. Hashing out a strategy is the best way to solve it.

5 Employee Exposure: Lastly, if you value your employees, then you need to value your cybersecurity efforts. They are at risk for exposure, identify fraud, and more if they are plugged into an organization with no cybersecurity strategy. Your employees are your human capital, integral to your company’s success. It’s only right to protect them.

Since cybercrime, information security, and cloud security are incredibly complex issues that continue to evolve every single day, you need talent staffed that is as diverse and fluid as possible. That’s where we come into the picture. Consider bolstering your cybersecurity strategy with the right individuals for your company today.

Veera Sandiparthi

Written By Veera Sandiparthi Mr. Veera Sandiparthi is a seasonal entrepreneur who brings 18 years of experience with technology solutions and delivering secure integrated enterprise solutions across various industries, including financial, healthcare, technology, and federal. Mr. Veera serves as the President and CEO of AccessQuint LLC. Over the past 2 years became an expert in developing strategic Cybersecurity solutions for both global and domestic clients. By strategically leveraging AccessQuint LLC's expert security resources and best practices, along with his own extensive knowledge of industry challenges and organizational needs, he helps his clients maintain the highest levels of quality while increasing efficiency and streamlining the cost.

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