The Top Cybersecurity Skills Provided by Vetted, Quality Information Security Talent

As a business owner, you might be aware of cybercrime and its relevance today. Reading all of the news headlines and company takedowns that faltered as a result of information breaches, it has become common knowledge to defend against the growing threat of cyber attacks. As an ever-expanding and developing industry, protecting against these veteran hackers can be difficult and near impossible for individuals lacking in the right skillsets and experience.

That’s where the top talented information security providers come into the picture.

If you’re thinking of onboarding additional information security talent to your team to protect your data, assets, financial information, and consumer trust, acquiring a team of cybersecurity professionals is one of the best investments you could ever make.

«p class=”small-text text-center text-lg-left”>When you choose cybersecurity investment, you are working with individuals who come with:</p>

Access Management Experience: When a breach occurs within an organization, you need to access the necessary infrastructure and identify the point of entry immediately. Without that kind of access, the hacker can wreak havoc on your company.

  • IT Programming Backgrounds: At the core, cybersecurity is related to IT servicing and breaching. You need individuals that have an in-depth IT understanding from the get-go.
  • Cloud Security Training: Most companies back their information and data up to the cloud today. It makes it universally easy for everyone to access the same information. However, if someone gets into the cloud, you have big problems.
  • Network Security Training: Keep your network safe and secure, with all potential loopholes filled and guarded.
  • IT Audit Experience: Want to learn about your potential pitfalls before anything terrible happens? You need your IT infrastructure and network audited by professionals, identifying the shortcomings before it’s too late.
  • Enterprise Resource Planning: Plan out the resources and talent you need to build a cybercrime team that is ready at a moment’s notice to protect your company and its assets.

Cybersecurity isn’t a service that can be haphazardly managed by just one IT programmer onsite. It’s an entire department that needs a fluid exchange of information and expertise between all parties. Cybersecurity is a multi-trillion-dollar empire today, costing businesses billions in breaches, hacks, and interventions. That’s why your company needs professional cybersecurity staffing, placing the right talent for your mounting threats.

We step in and assess current processes and problems, short term fixes, long term fixes, and necessary security infrastructure that will protect you from future instances. For the hackers that still slip through the cracks, we are versed in everything from Cisco, Palo Alto, Norton, and SAML, to Nmap, Rapid7, Juniper, and more. No cyber attacker is too smart for our preventative training and staffing measures. We pair you with the right talent to keep you safe and protected.

When you go with the vetted, quality provider, you receive network security, IT audit, programming, and resource planning backgrounds all rolled into one. It’s a future business planning necessity.

Veera Sandiparthi

Written By Veera Sandiparthi Mr. Veera Sandiparthi is a seasonal entrepreneur who brings 18 years of experience with technology solutions and delivering secure integrated enterprise solutions across various industries, including financial, healthcare, technology, and federal. Mr. Veera serves as the President and CEO of AccessQuint LLC. Over the past 2 years became an expert in developing strategic Cybersecurity solutions for both global and domestic clients. By strategically leveraging AccessQuint LLC's expert security resources and best practices, along with his own extensive knowledge of industry challenges and organizational needs, he helps his clients maintain the highest levels of quality while increasing efficiency and streamlining the cost.

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