Are Cyber Security and Internet Safety the Same?

Cyber security has become a fact of life: modern society is dependent on technology. Almost everyone relies on technology: whether it’s the TV, the Internet, a laptop or a phone, there’s no denying how much life has changed over the last two decades. This means, therefore, that both individuals and businesses need to be hot on their online safety and security.

We often hear the terms cyber security and Internet safety being used. But, is cyber security and Internet safety the same? The short answer is that cyber security and Internet safety can incorporate many similar elements, and both involve online safety. However, there are some key differences, which we’ll explore in this blog post. Essentially, internet safety is about individual people and their own safety, while cyber security is more about securing devices or information held on systems.

Internet Safety

When we refer to Internet safety, we’re referring specifically to an Internet user’s awareness of their safety. This incorporates their knowledge of the security risks to their private information. Without awareness, a user is open to threats to both their safety and their personal data and identity.

With the rapid growth of the Internet, many services became accessible to users no matter where they were. Unfortunately, when digital communication increased, so did the incidence of malicious use for personal gain. Often, this is a huge concern for children and the elderly, but anyone can fall foul of a malicious user. Common personal safety threats include internet scams, malware, phishing, cyberbullying, cyberstalking, sextortion and online predators.

The awareness of internet safety is important both for individuals in their private lives but also for business and their employees who not only have personal risks but risk huge implications for their organization too.

Cyber Security

When we talk of cyber security, we refer to how both organizations and individuals reduce the risk of cyberattacks.

The core function of it is to protect the device rather than the individual, i.e. the smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer. This also incorporates the services accessed at work and online from damage or theft. Finally, and this is where the confusion with internet safety often occurs; it is also about preventing any unauthorized access to personal information stored online and on devices.

Three key differences between internet safety and cyber security head-to-head

  1. Internet safety is about the protection of people, while cyber security is about the protection of information.
  2. Poor internet safety means that individuals are vulnerable on a personal level. Poor cyber security means that a system is vulnerable to hackers.
  3. Internet safety relies on strong passwords, mindful downloading, and careful posting on social media. Likewise, it relies on features like firewalls, up-to-date software and multi-factor authentication.

Be proactive in your business with an MSP

While both internet safety and cyber security are important, it is cyber security that businesses really need to focus on. One wrong move, and the whole business could be devastated. However, business owners can be proactive in protecting their organization and their assets by hiring a managed services provider to assist with their cybersecurity and cybersecurity insurance.

Final Thoughts

When a security breach can ruin your customers’ trust and your reputation, businesses must consider cyber security seriously. A managed services provider is a proactive way for business owners to ensure they have full protection and the most appropriate cybersecurity insurance for their organization.

And for anyone who is ever online (most people!), it’s essential to know all about Internet safety too. This eBook is a great resource for everyone: children, parents, older people, employers and employees alike.

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