The Top Cybersecurity Skills Provided by Vetted, Quality Information Security Talent

As a business owner, you might be aware of cybercrime and its relevance today. Reading all of the news headlines and company takedowns that faltered as a result of information breaches, it has become common knowledge to defend against the growing threat of cyber attacks. As an ever-expanding and developing industry, protecting against these veteran hackers can be difficult and near impossible for individuals lacking in the right skillsets and experience.

Access Management Weak Spot: Are Your Privileged Accounts at Risk?

Privileged accounts are those within an organization’s IT infrastructure that have more power than ordinary user accounts. Examples of privileged accounts might include Windows Administrator accounts, and accounts associated with router access. Such accounts are necessary for keeping IT processes running smoothly, and they are required in emergency situations as well. As you may imagine, access management for privileged accounts is extremely important.

The Top 5 Reasons Your Company Needs a Comprehensive Cybersecurity Strategy

As cybercrime continues to grow in prevalence and costliness, more and more companies are turning their attention to cybersecurity, the very act of identifying and preventing cyber attacks before they occur. With over 3.2 billion Internet users at large, although a small percentage make up cyber attackers, it is still a few million people in the world working every single day to develop tricks, tools, and software that will hack companies and potentially expose critical information.

Securing AWS container services

Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers several security controls across the cloud-native stack, including identity and access management, centralized logging, and threat monitoring. Organizations can leverage these services to provide scalable solutions for enterprise IT organizations.

Cloud-Based SIEM: Is Cloud the Right Solution?

The implementation of a cloud-based SIEM may provide benefits that traditional on-premise solutions can’t. These include scalability, security, and cost-efficiency. However, there are some things to consider before deciding if the cloud is right for you! This article will give you a headstart in your search for a SIEM solution and how to decide if cloud SIEM is the right choice for your organization.

7 activities boost your cybersecurity to the next level in detecting cyber-attack signals

If you look at significant data breaches happened in the past decade, or so, most of them became major incidents because attacks not detected early enough to thwart the attacks before it became unmanageable. It is only a matter of time cyber attackers intrude, so the key to success is early detection of the cyber attacker at work before executing the cyber attack.